How to Help

Many Argentine children dream of having the same possibilities as others do to study and develop in dignity.

Today the Foundation is providing scholarships to 180 children in their educational and social development, help us to continue providing opportunities for those most in need, you can choose several ways:

Current Account Deposit

Banco Macro-Bansud. Sucursal Casa Central

Account Name

for education and social development.

CTA/CTE 3-540-0940068322-2

Wire Transfer

CUIT 30-70943312-8

CBU 2850540-43009400683222-1

CTA/CTE 3-540-0940068322-2

In this case send a copy of the deposit to including your name and phone. 

Debit Card

Credit cards Visa or Mastercard. 

If so, call us 4871-5913 or send an email to