GDM Santiago del Estero

This program grants educational scholarships as a tool for inclusion.

Group we try to favour

Girls who will be benefitted by FundGDM used to attend multigrade elementary rural schools with very low resources, where children of different ages shared the same class under the supervision of a single teacher. In this area, children usually walk or bike to and from school every day, having to go through the mountains. 

Program Content

For these girls, leaving the mountains also represents a great sacrifice and requires a huge preparation, courage and personality. A lot of children try this experience without adequate support, not being able to adapt and end up returning to their homes in the mountains, dropping out of an educational system forever. 


The scholarship includes: accommodation (in the religious residence of the Sisters of San Carlos de Borromeo) food and transport.

In every case, the schollarship also includes the costs of study materials and transportation from the city to the mountains and back. The program also provides all the necessary and proper  support they need, in order to develop emotionally,socially and economically. 


How this impacts on their quality life as a group

The scholarships are given to groups of children who don´t have the possibility to finish high school and college degrees due to different reasons beyond their control. Once these children are able to remain and not drop out of school, our schollarships give them the opportunity to access different  tools to continue to grow and develop, both academically and personally.