GDM Sembrando Creatividad

Art as a tool for social transformation

Sembrando Creatividad promotes the integral development (intellectual, emotional, social and motor) in children from 6 to 12 years old, living in socially vulnerable places. Children lack opportunities to enjoy their childhood, playing, performing arts and recreational activities. All of this is vital for their personal and social development. 

"Education´s first task is to shake life, but let it free so it can develop." ... Maria Montessori - (1870-1952) Italian doctor and educator. 


The program consists of weekly workshops that work with visual art, given either before or after school.

These workshops are complemented by open classes, painting murals, cultural outings and special workshops with artists, generating a bond between the world of art and the children. Every year at the end of the year the children´s art is exposed and given a closure and recognition of the work done during the year. In the “Centro cultural Recoleta” thre expositions have already been done under the name of ““Pequeños artistas, Grandes miradas”("Small artists Great visions"). In September 2013 we exposed at “Arte Espacio”, Section Mundo Invisible (Invisible World) and in April 2014 in “Comuna 14” with the artist Gabriela Undiano and her exhibition “Raices”("Roots").

Group we try to favour

Up to now we have worked with over 160 children. We are currently working in: 

  • Hogar Nuestra Señora del Valle, Flores, CABA. 

  • Hogar Curapaligüe, CABA 

  • Centro Policultural comunitario Los Piletones, Villa Soldati, CABA. 

  • Complejo Habitacional Soldati, Villa Soldati, CABA.

In these last two places we have been working together with the Ministry of Habitat and Social Inclusion and the Ministry of Economic Development of the City.